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As consumers increasingly seek in-depth product details, your manufacturing facility is obligated to provide accurate information. Confience LIMS provide key tools for meticulous analysis, data management, and reporting, ensuring compliance with stringent product testing standards.

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The manufacturing industry, with its complex web of processes and regulatory requirements, demands precision, efficiency, and agility. In this intricate environment, the role of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) becomes pivotal. LIMS software, such as that provided by Confience, offers an ideal solution to maintain, manage, and monitor the vast volumes of critical data generated within the manufacturing lifecycle. LIMS ensures data integrity, enhances operational efficiency, and supports regulatory compliance, which are vital to meet quality standards and deliver superior products. By implementing a LIMS, manufacturing entities can significantly mitigate risks, reduce error margins, improve productivity, and ultimately, enhance customer satisfaction. Thus, the importance of LIMS software for the manufacturing industry cannot be overstated.

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Don’t just take our word for it – our customers share precisely how our data automation solutions have helped them address specific needs particular to the Manufacturing sector:

Tailored Solutions for Manufacturing: Meeting & Exceeding Industry Requirements

Manufacturing and QC Industry Requirement:
Confience's Data Management Solutions:
Ease of configuration and user-friendly.
Confience LIMS products are cost effective with a rapid ROI. There are user definable screen captions and on-line help for rapid utilization. Over two-dozen reports are included so that users can quickly implement the system.
Validation of raw materials and product run tracking, traceability and product quarantine.
Functionality that allows users to capture validation data, track runs, provide trace-back and product quarantine functionality.
Integration with common instruments utilized in manufacturing to increase productivity and enhance quality.
A library of over 450 instruments that have previously been integrated with ATL LIMS products is available to clients along with bar coding.
Ability to set product specific or customer specific limits and generate QC charts for dynamic trend detection.
Users define limits based on product or client criteria, with dynamic Shewhart trend detection.
Generate Certificates of Analysis in pdf format and numerous production reports.
Users can have CofA’s automatically e-mailed, faxed or printed along with backlog, production and monthly QC reports.
Remote access to view data in real-time, view trends or the ability to access and print pdf Certificate of Analysis reports from remote site.
With Confience LIMS, users can remotely access data status in real-time, review and print reports with a secure browser.
Solid system support and training for end users and database administrators.
Confience is ISO 9001 Certified and has a strong support and training program in place to ensure our clients success.
The ability to monitor processes in real-time and view trends providing a business advantage.
With integrated QA/QC, users have the ability to rapidly monitor processes, generate control charts, view trends and generate numerous management reports.
Flexible solutions that are built on proven technology which is fully scalable to grow with the laboratory.
As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, only industry standard tools are utilized in Confience LIMS solutions.
Ability to integrate multiple locations (remote laboratories) into a single database.
Inherent scalability and integration in the LIMS allows multiple sites to consolidate data for warehousing, enforcing permission-based access to data and security.
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