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Laboratory Information Management Software for Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Lab Information Management System

Where does your laboratory rank in the food chain? With critical issues surrounding food quality and safety a primary concern, your laboratory should be at the top. Our software solutions for the food and beverage industry provide your business with the speed it needs to perform analysis quickly, and the tracking and reporting features required in an intensely regulated industry and litigious society.

A Few Key Features For Your Laboratory:

  • Complete trace back to original raw materials to ready to eat products – from farm to fork
  • Integrated ERP functionality which can be integrated with other enterprise solutions such as SAP
  • Full Support for Microbiology testing, including custom workflows, method execution with advanced data review and electronic signatures.
  • Management and import of subcontract data for samples sent to outside laboratories
  • Custom import from Excel feature that allows rapid import leveraging our import tool from any spreadsheet
  • Shelf Life features that facilitate product shelf life studies with an easy to use calendar function
  • Formulation management features to organize R&D and production recipes
  • Product specifications, lot management for raw materials, in process and final products


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Customer Spotlight

Don’t just take our word for it – our customers share precisely how our data automation solutions have helped them address specific needs particular to the Food & Beverage sector:

For Process Control in Production Facilities

Our data management solutions focus on allowing our clients to proactively control their processes rather than reacting to failures. Users can configure checks and set limits to meet your company’s specifications, whether they are (USDA, FDA, GMP, SOPs, HAACP, HIMP or in-house QA/QC limits). Data can be entered into the LIMS directly from instruments or manually or via tablets (touch screens) or smart phones, thus eliminating manual data entry and facilitating real-time data analysis. Staff can gather data from the production floor, on temperature, pH, weight, size, defects, yield, grading, and AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) checks all on mobile devices that upload data directly to the database. Users can also integrate remote temperature, humidity, pressure and other sensors directly into the system, and set up emailed and cell phone alerts, if limits are exceeded.

Our solutions provide secure, reliable, data collection, alerts, analysis and reporting solutions. Utilizing barcodes (1D or 2D), for sample tracking, instrument integration, and leveraging mobile devices in the plants, real-time alerts, allow our clients to have a total solution to manage and control their operations. Numerous reports can be created and emailed including, COA (Certificates of Analysis), compliance reports, pre-shipment review and many other user defined reports can be created.

Integration with several statistical software packages (SAS JMP or NWA Quality Analyst) allows users to perform more advanced statistical analysis. Our LIMS includes built in graphing capabilities for SPC or six sigma, allowing our customers to view trends in there data that they didn’t previously know existed. Once data is available for analysis, it can be used in investigating corrective action reports, to perform a root cause analysis, understand loss and manage traceability and to create action plans.

Specific to the Food & Beverage industry, here are a few of the many requirements:

Food & Beverage Requirements:
Confience's Data Management Solutions:
Affordability and ease of configuration and reporting.
Confience’s LIMS solutions for Food and Beverage Laboratories are sold in modules, so that users need only purchase the modules that they need. ATL’s LIMS Solutions feature user definable screen captions for rapid utilization and over 5 dozen reports are included.
Integration with common instruments utilized in food and beverage testing to increase productivity.
A library of over 450 instruments that have previously been integrated with Confience’s LIMS products is available to clients. (including VIDAS, TEMPO, BAX, LECO Analyzers, Agilent GC’s, GC/MS, and many others)
Provide complete trace back capabilities, from farm to table.
With Confience's integrated data management solutions, retrieving data by project, data range or site is achieved in minutes with a full chain of custody, audit trail and security.
Compliance with regulatory requirements, HACCP, USDA’s Pesticide, Feed and Fertilizer Enforcement Program and full support of CFR 21 part 11.
Confience’s LIMS Solutions meet and in many cases exceed current Agriculture Laboratory requirements, in anticipation of future requirements.
Remote access to view data in real-time, view trends or the ability to access and print pdf Certificate of Analysis reports from remote site.
With Confience’s Result Point, users can remotely access data status in real-time, review and print pdf reports with a secure browser.
Solid system support and training for end users and database administrators.
Confience is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and has a strong support and training program in place to ensure our clients success.
The ability to monitor processes in real-time and view trends providing a business advantage.
With integrated QA/QC, users have the ability to rapidly monitor processes, generate control charts, view trends and generate numerous management reports.
Flexible solutions that are built on proven technology which is fully scalable to grow with the laboratory.
As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, only industry standard tools are utilized in Confience’s LIMS solutions.
Ability to integrate multiple locations (remote laboratories) into a single database to assist in HACCP compliance.
Inherent scalability and integration in the LIMS allows multiple sites to consolidate data for warehousing while enforcing permission-based access to data.
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International Association of Food Protection
Institute of Food Technologists

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