Confience’s Sample Master® LIMS Maximizes Productivity and Laboratory Resources at ADPEN Laboratories

Sample Master's sample tracking, instrument integration and automated reporting functionality enables ADPEN to accomplish their goals.

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Organization Profile

ADPEN Laboratories, Inc. is a leading, independent contract research and development analytical laboratory that is GLP and cGMP, ISO/IEC 17025:2017:AOAC accredited. ADPEN is registered with the FDA and EPA and has been inspected by these two agencies. ADPEN provides services to multinational and domestic companies, government agencies, international organizations and consumers’ advocates representing the nutraceutical, food safety, food & nutritional products, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and animal health industries.

ADPEN offers a wide variety of services and capabilities, which include complex analytical testing for product registration, identification, method validation, method development, product release testing, stability testing and quality control while following the strict guidelines under GLP, cGMP, USP, EP, JP, FIFRA, OECD, WHO, FDA, and EPA. ADPEN receives thousands of samples each month and do a variety of analytical testing with GC’s, GC/MS’s, LC-MS/MS, HPLC’s and Immunoassays.

Their Challenge

ADPEN’s primary purpose for purchasing a new LIMS was to take advantage of advances in software technology. Criteria for selecting a new LIMS included the ability to efficiently manage hundreds of clients, samples and data. Key LIMS features they sought to maximize productivity and laboratory resources included label generation, sample tracking, instrument integration and automated reporting. Also, recent expansion of their facilities highlighted the need to further improve workflows.

With the new LIMS, they wanted to accomplish two main goals.

1)     ADPEN wanted to see an improvement in sample tracking throughout the laboratory workflow, which would lead to quicker turnaround for reporting data to clients. They sought the ability to easily query and track the status of any sample at any point of the analytical process with just a few clicks of the mouse. Instant data access was important for responding to customer queries, which would provide significant enhancements in customer satisfaction.

2)     ADPEN needed to eliminate manual data entry, which is not only time consuming, but can be a potential source of transcription errors, impacting data quality. In an analytical laboratory, mistakes, typos and errors are the difference between quality data and an unsatisfied customer.

“After an exhaustive search and researching of LIMS vendors, ADPEN Laboratories found the flexibility and stability of Confience’s Sample Master® LIMS to be a refreshing advantage over all other LIMS software. When clients were asking for faster turnaround times, we were able to deliver due to the efficiency we gained from having Sample Master on our team making our data work for us. Sample Master has set the bar for all laboratory processes and because of its open structure, we can customize it to best fit our growing business. Sample Master has met and exceeded all our expectations and continues to be a source of inspiration for new and better ways to improve workflow in our laboratory.”

Steven Perez | Laboratory Manager

ADPEN Laboratories, Inc.

Our Solution

ADPEN selected Confience’s Sample Master as their LIMS solution for automation enhancements. As a result, they have witnessed major advancements in maximizing resources and increasing the volume of work the laboratory can manage. Sample Master can easily track the status of a sample at each point of the analytical process or any other related sample, client or project with the use of the “Master Query” function. Sample Master has allowed for the streamlining of key processes along the lab workflow, including sample receipt, prep batch creation, QC batch creation and export to analytical instruments, importing of analytical data back into the database and reporting of data.

With Sample Master, no data point must be entered more than once, and most have been automated for even greater reduction in errors, productivity and turnaround time enhancements. ADPEN’s fleet of LC/MS/MS instruments from Agilent (MassHunter software) and ABSciex (Analyst Software) are interfaced with Sample Master. ADPEN is working towards bringing additional instruments and new acquisitions on-line as well.

When asked how Sample Master LIMS has benefitted ADPEN specifically, Laboratory Manager Steven Perez reported the following:

Control of our Data: The biggest benefit we have realized is gaining control of our data and sample inventory. Instead of being a slave to our data; redundant QA efforts, time-consuming generation of Prep Batches, struggling with reporting of data, hunting for sample information in multiple three-ring binders (and the list goes on), we are now making our data work for us. We can easily locate laboratory data we require within seconds with minimal effort.  

Reduction in Turnaround Time: We have been able to reduce our turnaround time from sample receipt to result reporting, in some cases by as much as a 50% reduction. Automation of manual processes such as those listed below have enabled us to drastically improve turnaround times.

·       pre-login of samples (before they arrive)

·       quick creation of Prep Batches (workorders)

·       QC Batches (instrument run sequences)

·       instrument data (importing automatically)

For example: a large monitoring study for which we conduct residue analyses typically had a turnaround time of 20 days from sample receipt to reporting; since implementing Sample Master, we have reduced the turnaround time to less than 10 days.

Documentation Trail: As a GLP/GMP laboratory, documentation is key. The audit trail is vital to our facility as a transparent means to accountability. In addition, Confience holds ISO 9001:2015 certification, and their strong commitment to quality also influenced our selection of Sample Master LIMS.

Configurations and Customizations: Sample Master is very configurable (with user definable captions) and customizable. Confience’s staff is knowledgeable and willing to help with any customizations we may need. However, because of the well-named database schema and excellent support we are able to perform many modifications needed in-house.

ADPEN Laboratory
Confience is driven by the mission to provide automated lab management and data their customers can act on to build trusted products and a thriving planet. The result of a recently announced merger between Accelerated Technology Laboratories (ATL) and Quality Systems International (QSI), Confience offers LIMS solutions that empower lab and quality managers to accurately gather, analyze, report data, work efficiently and intuitively, meet compliance goals, and exceed business objectives.

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