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BNN Breaking: At Pittcon 2024, Confience Unveils a New Era in Lab Information Management with Strategic Hires and Global Ambitions

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February 26, 2024

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Author: Saboor Bayat

Confience's strategic merger and ambitious vision are set to revolutionize the LIMS industry. Learn about the key executive hires, global expansion plans, and innovative solutions driving the company's growth.

In an industry often marked by incremental changes, the recent announcement by Confience at Pittcon, the leading laboratory science conference, heralds a significant shift. Following a strategic merger between QSI and ATL, Confience is poised to redefine the landscape of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) with a suite of modern software solutions designed to meet the exacting needs of lab professionals across diverse sectors.

A Vision for the Future of LIMS

Under the bright lights of Pittcon, Patrick Quinlan, the CEO of Confience, detailed the company's ambitious product roadmap and executive team expansion. At the heart of Confience's mission is a simple yet profound recognition: the work of lab teams is critical, especially when it comes to consumer safety. The roadmap promises flexible deployment options, intuitive interfaces, automated workflows, data-driven insights, and proactive customer support. It's a bold vision, aiming not only to improve lab productivity but also to ensure reliable reporting, enable data-driven decisions, and enhance consumer safety and quality.

Strategic Executive Hires to Steer Growth

Integral to Confience's strategy are the appointments of Emad Georgy as CTO and Jonathan Kalstein as CFO. With their extensive experience, Georgy and Kalstein are expected to be pivotal in driving the company's growth and innovation. Georgy's background in software development and Kalstein's financial acumen will be instrumental in navigating the challenges of expanding into new markets, including a planned launch in the European market by Spring 2024.

Expanding Horizons: A Global Ambition

Confience is not content with redefining the LIMS industry in North America alone. With eyes set on a global presence, the company is gearing up for its European market launch in the coming year. This expansion is indicative of Confience's broader ambition to cater to professionals in water and air quality, food, beverage, manufacturing, and product testing sectors worldwide. By offering solutions that are both innovative and intuitive, Confience aims to become synonymous with reliability and efficiency in lab information management.

As the industry watches closely, Confience's approach to LIMS software could set a new standard for how laboratories operate and contribute to consumer safety. With a strong vision, experienced leadership, and a commitment to innovation, Confience is on a path that could very well transform the landscape of laboratory information management systems globally.

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