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Food Safety Magazine: New Company to Offer LIMS Software for Food, Beverage Lab Professionals

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February 28, 2024

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A new company, Confience, born through the merger of Accelerated Technology Laboratories (ATL) and Quality Systems International (QSI), has announced its vision to provide a new standard in laboratory information management system (LIMS) software, applicable to lab and quality professionals in the food and beverage sector.

Following the completed merger of QSI and ATL, Confience’s recently unveiled growth and product strategy is focused on delivering modern LIMS software that sets a new industry standard for technical sophistication and customer outcomes. Confience’s roadmap is designed to make tracking, analyzing, and reporting more efficient, intuitive, and reliable, so teams can meet compliance goals, exceed business objectives, and build brand trust.

The company’s product roadmap brings LIMS solutions up to par with modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) practices, including:

  • Flexible, hybrid options for both SaaS and on-premises deployment
  • Simple, intuitive user interfaces
  • Automated workflows and lab efficiency optimizations
  • Data-driven insights and reporting via a cloud-based, product-agnostic data platform
  • Proactive customer experience support across regions
  • Expedited, hands-on onboarding focused on delivering value to customers
  • Ongoing innovation alongside the commitment to retaining and fully supporting existing legacy products.

Confience is on track to launch its global roadmap and enter the European market in spring 2024.

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Reina Chehayeb

Strategic Initiatives & Integration


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