April 15, 2024

Top 5 Reasons to Move your LIMS to the Cloud

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Your IT infrastructure and Sample Master® LIMS are mission critical to your laboratory operations. While you might feel uneasy about letting a third-party manage them, you should consider the many benefits of a hosted LIMS. The advantages of an on-premises to a SaaS migration include:

1. Cost Saving

Eliminate infrastructure costs and simply pay a monthly subscription fee. Subscriptions include upgrades, unlimited technical support, maintenance, and backup. Reduce expenses by outsourcing IT functions. Free up FTEs to work on revenue-generating projects instead of administrative tasks.

2. Accessibility

Users can access Cloud software, anytime and from anywhere they have an Internet connection, on smart phones, tablets, and computers. This eliminates dependency on local hardware, which requires frequent patches and upgrades.

3. Scalability

Adding new users is fast and easy. In addition, computing resources can simply be deployed as demand increases, and shut down when not required, ensuring optimal user experiences.

4. Ease of Deployment

A hosted solution can reduce the time required to design, build, and deploy your own IT infrastructure from months to days or hours.

5. Security

With the very real threat of cyberattacks, ensuring the tightest possible security is paramount. Cloud hosting providers employ best in class cyber-security practices, including network vulnerability scans and penetration testing.

Statistics show a rising trend in LIMS deployments in the Cloud, because of these factors and many additional considerations.

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