April 15, 2024

Confience LIMS Users Get Innovative

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Monterey Bay Analytical Services

In a recent webcast, we showcased two Confience clients who are successfully using LIMS to bring innovation to their labs. This post will focus on Monterey Bay Analytical Services (MBAS), a CA ELAP certified inorganic water quality chemistry lab. In 2022, the lab needed new processes in order to manage a complex project—testing for the California Water Board’s AG order 4.0, which regulates discharge from irrigated lands. This is an ongoing project.

MBAS used Sample Master LIMS to comply with AG order 4.0 by testing more than 3000 wells in 2023, monitoring groundwater for inorganic substances. This was a significant increase from previous years, with increased complexity of reporting. Client deliverables included results PDFs, complete sample site list in Excel, and Geotracker EDF. Samples were analyzed for nitrates, TDS, 123TCP, Field pH, SEC, temperature, and GPS location. Data was easily pulled from Sample Master and customized for the client

What did they Customize?

To make a complex project simple, MBAS customized the following areas of Sample Master. Login, Sample Management, Geotracker, Reports.

Login. All fields on the Login screen are utilized to facilitate communication with the client and build the PDF report. Client-provided sample descriptions are cut and pasted, and previously used sample descriptions are subsequently auto-populated, eliminating errors and saving time.

Sample Management. MBAS used Sample Master’s Dynamic EDD feature to create a list of newly entered samples. After sample(s) were entered, a spreadsheet was created using Dynamic EDD, and a status column was added to the shared spreadsheet. Thus, the client can see in real time when to expect results.

Geotracker EDF. A State of California database, using a specific format for EDF, that houses WWTP permits and ag data. It is cumbersome to update, as each ranch is a separate entry, requiring 40+ hours of data entry work. Working closely with Confience staff, MBAS created a flat file, EDFFLAT, to streamline this process. To offer increased ease-of-use, Confience also delivers an Excel file to avoid the tedious process of reviewing text files.

Reports MBAS delivered 2500 PDF reports under Ag order 4.0, with the specified content and complexity. Sample Master supported custom cover letters and custom headers to include client data. In order to avoid overwhelming staff responsible for reviewing them, auto-deliver was set at 15-minute intervals. Report files were zipped and delivered to clients via OneDrive.

MBAS took advantage of Sample Master’s configurability to make a complex project simple.

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